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How We Work With You

Communicate and Gather Data

The basis for any partnership/relationship is built on communication and defining expectations. Our first step or initial meeting will be spent discussing investment knowledge, needs, goals, risk tolerance and basic expectations of both parties. A solid knowledge of investable assets, current portfolios and net worth must be determined during this session. We will then decide whether to further pursue and develop a long term working relationship.

Develop a Plan

Based on the information gained in the initial session, our group will develop a plan suited to address the client needs and goals. It is during this step, as to which path we will follow: fee based, transnational, or a combination.

Execute the Plan

This session will explain the plan and investment strategy. It is imperative the client understands and is comfortable with the plan. The investment policy statement will be introduced, discussed and signed before any additional steps are taken. Again, expectations by both parties must be discussed. If all above are accomplished, then implementation of the plan is started.

Evaluate the Plan

A review schedule is determined and actually put on the calendar. Adjustments are made accordingly. Goals and needs are reviewed during each session.

Continue Commitment

The process continues as long as both parties are committed to the plan. Satisfaction on both sides must continue or the plan will fail. Expectations should be reviewed periodically as explained in the first step. The basis for any success starts and ends with communication.